Wyoming ACLU Educating Immigrant Community About Rights When Dealing With Law Enforcement



By Brendan LaChance on October 5, 2021


CASPER, Wyoming – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Wyoming works to educate immigrants in the state of their rights when dealing with law enforcement.

“Sent by anti-immigrant extremists – and based largely on myths about the effects of immigration on the country’s security and economy – a powerful anti-immigrant movement seeks to restrict the rights of many people living in the United States, ”the Wyoming ACLU said in a statement Tuesday. “But the fundamental protections of due process and equal protection enshrined in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights apply to everyone, regardless of their immigration status.”

The Wyoming ACLU said it has developed resources and distributed materials in English and Spanish to help educate immigrants about their rights.

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“Do you know what to do if ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) shows up at your door? Wyoming Advocacy Manager Antonio Serrano’s ACLU said. “If you get stopped by the police when you are traveling?” If you are asked about your citizenship status at work? We want to make sure that everyone understands their rights – and how to be better prepared to defend their rights, their family and their neighbors – in any language. “

“When the government has the power to deny legal rights and due process to a vulnerable group, everyone’s rights are threatened. The Wyoming ACLU is dedicated to extending and upholding the civil liberties and civil rights of immigrants and to addressing public and private discrimination against them.

ACLU resources include information on what immigrants can do if they are:

  • Asked about immigration status
  • Arrested in a car
  • Arrested by police, immigration officers, or the FBI, if police or immigration officers enter their home
  • Contacted by the FBI
  • Stopped
  • Placed in the custody of the ICE

The resources also discuss what immigrants can do if they feel their rights have been violated.

“To request the Know Your Rights package, email conozcasusderechos@aclu.org or call 307-637-4565,” the Wyoming ACLU said.

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