Wolverine Game Reveal repeats common Marvel movie trope


Marvel’s Wolverine game has only one trailer so far, but it already establishes a common trope for the character – showdowns at dive bars.

One of the biggest reveals from September’s PlayStation Showcase was Insomniac Games Marvel’s Wolverine. There’s very little information about the game so far, but Insomniac used the first trailer to reinforce a common framework for the character: a seedy bar. Wolverine’s most recognizable appearances come in the X Men and autonomous Wolverine Marvel films produced by 20th Century Fox, where the adamantium skeleton mutant is frequently found drinking and terrorizing local scoundrels.

Marvel’s Wolverine probably won’t be released for some time, as Insomniac already seems to have its hands full. Just last year the studio released Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and the PlayStation Showcase also delivered a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reveal. Spider-man 2 received a 2023 release window, while Wolverine did not receive one, which implies that it will come some time after the rest of the web-slinging.

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Actor Hugh Jackman has become the epitome of Wolverine as a character since taking on the role in the 2000s X Men. Jackman reprized the role six times, culminating in 2017 Logan, and made three additional appearances as a character. Wolverine’s status as a mutant, especially seen as a savage, has led him to lead an isolated life, which is often reflected in the movies as he drinks alone in bars. At this point, seeing Wolverine in a bar became a trope, and the Marvel’s Wolverine the game’s trailer reinforces this lonely characterization.

Marvel’s Wolverine game considers him a connoisseur of dive bars

Marvels Wolverine Trailer Bar

Hugh Jackman’s very first appearance as Wolverine involved a scene in a bar. In X Men, Wolverine is approached as he smokes a cigar in a bar and tells him that he owes a man money. Not the type to be intimidated, Wolverine wields his adamantium claws, immobilizing the attempted debt collector and slicing the owner’s shotgun in half as he attempts to intervene. A fight scene against Sabertooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine begins in a bar, although he quickly moves outside when Wolverine is thrown through a wall.

Jackman’s cameo in the 2011s X-Men: First Class also takes place in a bar, where he succinctly tells Professor X and Magneto to “kiss my ass“when they approach him while recruiting mutants. Towards the beginning of The gluttonLogan also confronts a hunter at a bar in rural Canada for using poison arrows. For the most part, all of these bars appear to be small town establishments. Aside from the fight with Sabertooth, Wolverine planted an arrow in the hunter’s hand in The glutton is the most violent bar scene, a stark contrast to what is shown in the Marvel’s Wolverine cinematic trailer.

The bar itself certainly fits the trope; it looks like little more than a pool hall, with handwritten panels, black panels and stickers all over the taps. Logan wears a red flannel shirt and cowboy hat, while his potential assailant is clad in a leather vest, complete with a wallet chain. While in the films Wolverine quickly leaves bars before the violence escalates, the Marvel’s Wolverine the trailer shows the place littered with bodies before cutting Logan’s bloody fists and wielding claws.

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