Vista College files for bankruptcy, faces lawsuits after shutdown



BEAUMONT, Texas – Less than a week after Vista College closed, the for-profit college chain filed for bankruptcy.

A class action lawsuit was also filed on behalf of the students who were in the middle of their graduation.

A student said she was shocked when the school closed without warning and without any help transferring credits or getting a refund.

“They have changed the way people live,” said Andrea Bryant, a Vista College alumnus. “They told people to quit their jobs, the nursing program is intense, you really can’t work and do this at the same time.”

False promises leading to a dead end.

“They, for their own benefit, have put a lot of people in debt and into positions that they might not be able to come back to,” said Bryant.

Within a week of closing its doors without notice, Vista College filed for bankruptcy.

“If you and I wanted to file for bankruptcy, some things like our student loans wouldn’t go away, so we’re cut out to be as less special as corporations, so I was of course disgusted,” said Mark Sparks, Owner Partner at Cabinet. Ferguson lawyers.

Sparks is an attorney for the Ferguson law firm and will represent students and faculty at Vista College in a class action lawsuit. But now it will have to wait.

“Now that they’re in Delaware bankruptcy court, they’re going to say we don’t have any money to give you,” Sparks said. “Well, the question we’re here to answer for the students and for The answer for this community and El Paso and other places is what did you do with the money? “That’s what we’re here to find out.

Sparks said for-profit schools like this are a widespread problem.

“These vulture equity investors and capitalist funds that come in and buy these schools, but they’re really not interested in being part of the school or keeping the school. They’re school fins.”

The Sparks team recently fought a case like this, at Brightwood College in Beaumont, they shut down and the students were transferred to Vista College.

“So we can actually meet sadly and sadly students from Brightwood who have been twice injured, twice victimized, by this type of low-profit school turnaround,” Sparks said.

“I think a lot of people don’t know what to do right now. It caught us all off guard,” said Bryant.

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