Prison for “manipulative predator” for 19 offenses of sexual abuse of boys


A ‘manipulative predator’ who sexually abused two teenagers has been jailed.

Daniel Harrison, 44, was exposed in 2018 when one of his victims came forward to report what happened to him in 2009.

As Nottinghamshire Police detectives began to investigate the allegations, they were alerted to allegations of multiple offenses committed against another victim over several years.

When confronted with the allegations, Harrison denied knowledge and claimed his victims were making them up.

However, he later admitted a total of 19 offenses – one of sexual assault on one victim and a total of 18 offenses against the other, including sexual activity with a child and incitement of a child to engage in sexual activity.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court today (Monday), he was jailed for a total of 12 years.

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He has been placed on the indefinite sex offender register and has also been placed on a sexual abuse prevention order, which will severely restrict his activities once he is released.

Detective Constable Christopher Featonby, Nottinghamshire Police, said: ‘Harrison is a calculating and manipulative sexual predator who groomed and exploited two teenagers.

“His victims – supported by their families – have shown enormous courage in coming forward and testifying against him and I would like to thank them both for the dignity and bravery they have shown throughout the process. judicial.

“Ultimately, the quality of their evidence and the thoroughness of our investigation left Harrison with no choice but to admit his offense and face all legal consequences for his actions.

“I’m glad he’s now starting a long prison sentence and I hope today’s verdict will at least offer some sort of closure for his victims.

“To other victims of past sexual abuse, I would say this: it doesn’t matter how long ago the offenses took place. What matters is that they happened and they shouldn’t have happened.

“If you present allegations, we will investigate with the same professional and methodical manner that we approach all our investigations. We will follow the evidence and do our best to obtain justice for you.

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