Penny Hardaway named in multiple NCAA allegations against Memphis


Aaccording to documents released Saturday by The commercial appeal of Memphisthe University of Memphis faces several NCAA Notice of Level I and Level II Allegations and Penny Hardaway was named in three of them.

The NCAA’s four-level violation structure, with Level I being the most concerning. Hardaway, the men’s basketball coach, reportedly “failed to demonstrate that he fostered an atmosphere of conformity within the men’s basketball program“, according to the ANP.

He was charged in a Level I And two Level II violations that stemmed from an NCAA investigation that transpired from May 2019 to February 2021. The precise nature of the alleged violations is unclear, but the PNA claims the program lacked institutional control and failed to monitor student-athletes, noting “head coach accountability.”

Memphis Denis allegations

The University of Memphis would have been the NOA in July 2021 and after months of requests from The Commercial Appeal to release the documents, they finally did. Memphis released a statement saying that “is not allowed to commentdue to ongoing legal proceedings, but denied the allegations.

“The facts do not demonstrate a lack of control, a lack of oversight, a lack of cooperation or a lack of [redacted] accountability,” the university wrote on October 25, 2021 in response to the NOA. “Finally, the indictment does not contain any specific facts, and it is the specific facts that are imperative to the resolution of this case.”


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