Neustar and MRS Implement Phone Intelligence and Email Verification to Optimize CFPB Compliant Outreach


RESTON, Virginia – MRS BPO LLC, one of the leading service providers to the accounts receivable management industry, has adopted Neustar inc. contact intelligence solutions to improve its omnichannel outreach strategy – increase contact rates with right-wing parties, reduce operational costs and maintain compliance in future CFPB Regulation F environment.

Neustar Telephone behavioral intelligence provides the best time of day and the best day of the week to call each consumer, based on when they are most likely to answer, as well as the best phone number to use to contact each individual. Neustar also verifies the correct email addresses and offers information on the most active address for each contact, allowing MRS BPO to quickly prioritize the best email address to complement its telephone communication efforts.

The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Regulation F states that a collector cannot make more than seven calls within seven consecutive days to a single consumer or call a consumer more than once within a seven-day period after contacting the consumer. that person ; however, collectors can still text and email consumers. Communication through digital channels (where consent is provided) can enable more effective interactions, especially with younger consumers who prefer digital outreach.

“By limiting the number of calls a debt collector can make to a particular person, CFPB regulation F increases the value of each contact attempt and encourages debt collectors to prioritize accuracy,” he said. said Robert McKay, senior vice president and general manager of Risk Solutions at Neustar. “This focus on quality over quantity is driving forward-thinking collectors like MRS to adopt data-driven omnichannel contact strategies. Operationalizing digital channels to complement the telephone channel enables collectors to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their outgoing communications while reducing compliance and financial risks.

“Consumer information is constantly changing, so awareness files often contain multiple email addresses and phone numbers collected over time. Knowing an individual’s primary or preferred number and email address, and when they are most likely to be engaged, makes a significant difference in contact rate, ”said Jim Beck, COO at MRS. “Neustar’s intelligence solutions will help us assess and improve the quality of our current customer contact information, enabling us to anticipate challenges, implement a more effective omnichannel communication strategy and increase rates. of contact with the parties on the right while remaining in compliance with the regulations.

MRS immediately saw that 8% of the numbers they dialed were numbers with a low probability of contacting a customer. Shifting those efforts to higher scoring phone numbers resulted in a 15% increase in contact rate in the first month.

Neustar’s outbound solutions are part of the TRUSTID Contact Center Solutions following. These solutions are powered by the Neustar OneID Identity Resolution Platform, which provides businesses with a single, holistic view of their customers across all communication channels, both online and offline. OneID continuously corroborates, validates, and adds missing information to customer records, making it easier for organizations to reach their customers through the right channel at the right time.

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MRS BPO LLC is a full service accounts receivable management company providing pre and post write off collection services to a variety of industries. Founded in 1991, it has grown from a small New Jersey-based agency to a large market provider with facilities in New Jersey, Ohio and Alabama, serving over 60 clients in the financial services industries. , automotive, market loans, telecommunications, cable and municipalities. . MRS has been recognized by many of its Fortune 50 clients for its commitment to compliance, quality and best-in-class technology solutions. For more information visit

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