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The man behind Kunte Comedies, Kennedy Joshua Kuntenga, is optimistic that 2022 will be a breakthrough year for his comedies as he is currently building a team of talented young people who will work under his brand.

Kunte’s humorous comedies regularly impress on various social media sites such as Facebook and Whatsap for the great satire employed there.

Some of the comedies circulating on social media include Neighbor Neighbor Series, Dobadoba Series, Debt Collector, and The Workout, among others.

Speaking in an interview, Kennedy Kuntenga said his comedies focus a lot on promoting culture, entertainment and education, among others.

Kuntenga said that although 2021 is a difficult year due to Covid, the lessons learned are worthy of doing something big in 2022.

“As a team, we had challenges in 2021, but the major challenge was financial issues that kept us from making more videos than we thought we could. To make a comedy video, we spend around 150,000 K, so it’s been a real challenge for us to gather resources with Covid among us.

“I’m happy that 2022 has started so well and I have a feeling we will be doing more things this year. The challenges made us dream big, correct the mistakes we made and strategize on how we do our work, ”he said.

According to Kuntenga, Malawians should expect more comedies that will spark excitement and laughter both in Malawi and across borders.

“My vision is to become one of the greatest comedians in the world, and I have confidence in God that this will happen and given that I have more followers in countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe , Zambia and Mozambique, “he said.

Kuntenga said his career started when he was in elementary school and his passion developed in 2019 when he spent time starting to watch local and international comedies on YouTube and has a lot learned.

Brazio Kanyong’o, one of the Play writers and actor Kunte works with, said that Kunte’s comedies are not only fun, but educational as well.

“They have rich content and you can learn life lessons from them,” he said.

Outside of comedies, Kennedy Kuntenga does business and also works at the Department of Homeland Security.


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