How your behavior affects your bottom line


Personality tests can help you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and how you do in certain situations.

“Your personality type also affects the way you view and manage money,” said Shafeeka Anthony, marketing manager for the personal finance website,

Your fears, insecurities, coping mechanisms, and fantasies all come out when it comes to your personal finances.

Some people are frugal savers, others love to shop, and some live without worrying about tomorrow.

The most popular personality tests include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which has 16 personality types, and the Enneagram, which deals with nine main types. Understanding yourself better can help you focus on what’s important to you and manage your behavior to achieve your personal goals. See if you recognize your behavior in this informal JustMoney quiz:


You are comfortable indulging yourself and loved ones, reveling in the latest trendy gadgets and clothing, traveled frequently before COVID, and love updating the comforts of your home.

You are probably loved for your great personality, your style, and your generosity. However, it is important to approach planning for the longer term. Are your expensive items properly insured, do you have life coverage in case you can’t make a lot of money, and have you considered planning for retirement?


You care about money and hate spending it. Even when you’ve racked up huge savings, you worry about never having enough or losing everything. You may have grown up in disadvantaged circumstances where money was scarce.

Even though you may have saved enough money to face an emergency, your natural prudence and risk aversion can limit the potential for your money to grow. You may benefit from the objective advice of a trusted financial advisor, who will help you assess your needs and choose the right investments to beat inflation.


You struggle to pay your bills, you can’t keep up with your creditors, and a debt collector can sue you. There is no advantage in being in such a situation. You will likely need to negotiate payment terms with your creditors or take more drastic action. Fortunately, help is available. Apply for debt counseling or debt consolidation through financial institutions or debt counseling companies.


Online casinos, sports betting, racing, you feel the pleasure of taking risks in search of quick and big wins. While some are in control of their gambling, others can avoid anxiety, boredom, and depression. Gambling can become addictive, leading to huge debt and alienation from those close to you.

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You like to look for good deals and look for a good deal. You sign up for loyalty programs and take advantage of sales and promotions. While it can be good for your household budget, on the other end of the scale you can be an anxious and guilty shopaholic who compulsively purchases and hides your credit card bills.


A good investor has clear goals, patience, discipline and knowledge. A reckless newbie is likely to get hooked on a get-rich-quick scheme, such as an advertisement promising to turn them into a successful trader in a weekend. Avoid such schemes, instead save that money and invest it prudently with a financial brand of trust.

“While you can’t change your financial personality overnight, knowing yourself allows you to leverage your strengths and tackle your blind spots. You will be better prepared to achieve your personal and financial goals. Regardless of your personality type, when it comes to money management, the sooner you start planning for your financial well-being, the better your chances are of building the lifestyle you hope to achieve, ”he said. declared Anthony.


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