Define adversity as an advantage rather than an obstacle to success in financial services


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What is your job title and where do you work?

Vice President – Head of Reference Data for JP Morgan Chase in Mumbai, India

What does a day in your role look like and how do you approach new projects?

A typical day in the office includes meetings with team members and cross-functional stakeholders to facilitate teamwork and planning, as well as the execution of large-scale cross-functional programs aimed at achieving strategic objectives, in especially the annual workbook.

New projects are either starting to execute the workbook or in response to compliance requirements associated with rule changes or essential business transformation.

Is there anything about your professional background that people would find surprising?

There are two aspects of my professional background that may surprise people.

First of all, I chose a wide range of roles in my career that gave me the opportunity to learn or experience something new in each position I held.

The second thing that might surprise people is my personal resilience. I derive great satisfaction from having been able to face a few adverse turns in my career which, instead of breaking me or changing me for the worse, strengthened my resolve to face setbacks with courage and courage.

What was your journey from graduation to your current job?

When I returned to India from the United States in the summer of 2002, I was hired in the Risk and Product Management Division of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). I used my newly acquired knowledge of complex financial products and their derivatives, gained while graduating from Maryland Smith, to make an impact at SEBI.

My next two roles were Head of Corporate Equities Teams at Deutsche Bank London and then Vice President and Head of Portfolio Valuation Operations at HSBC Securities Services Center of Excellence, Kolkata.

In 2010, I was hired as Business Supplier Relationship Manager for the outsourced operations of Citigroup’s Institutional Client Groups. From 2016 to 2019, I became Service Delivery Manager at the Hyderabad-based Offshore Enforcement Center of a US-based global legal process outsourcing service provider.

In 2021, I became Vice President – Reference Data Manager for JP Morgan Chase in Mumbai.

Are you where you thought you were in your career? What are your goals?

Growing up as the son of an army officer, constantly moving from place to place, and changing schools, friends, amenities, and lifestyle helped shape my career choices. in a significative way. I have always sought the chance to experience something new and have chosen to have a variety of roles in different industries.

My goal is to serve in the senior leadership of a global company and successfully shape its financial future. And while I believe my best is yet to come, I’m happy with the results and progress I’ve had so far in my career.

What Smith School resources or connections have you leveraged for your career?

I consider the education I received from Smith’s brilliant teachers to be the most precious gift and resource that has propelled my career for all these years.

Why did you decide to get a business degree and why did you choose Maryland Smith?

Prior to joining Smith, I had already worked for six years in corporate finance after completing an MBA in Finance from Jadavpur University in India. I wanted to go further in my business and finance studies to gain the knowledge and exposure to work in some of the new and exciting areas of international finance, such as derivatives trading and financial engineering. It would help me help my home country, India, to better integrate into global financial markets. I wanted to contribute to the advancement of my country.

I chose Smith because it’s one of the best American universities that offers a broad curriculum in finance and business that corresponded to what I wanted.

What about your personal journey that led to your success?

I have had the unique privilege of working in diverse and interesting roles with leading global banking and financial powers like JP Morgan Chase, Citi, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Societe Generale. These roles have helped me gain in-depth knowledge of the world of complex financial products and services, extended data architecture, complex internal systems, and more. work around problems to achieve my goals and exceed the expectations of my team and my superiors.


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