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Five black-clad debt collectors showed up unexpectedly at the office of opposition lawyer and politician Lim Tean to demand repayment of money owed on behalf of a creditor.

The entire showdown was filmed and streamed live on Facebook on the Singapore Debt Collection Service (SDCS) page on September 21, which lasted over 18 minutes.

Need to pay more than S $ 4,905

The confrontation focused on sending the debt collectors to Lim’s office, Carson Law Chambers, to seek reimbursement of more than S $ 4,905.

Did not reveal who was facing

The video of the debt collectors was featured by a man, whose nickname is Justice Boy, who initially did not disclose who they were visiting.

But he teased the possibility that it was a famous personality.

In the introduction to the video, Judge Boy said, “Today we have a really big execution lah ok it’s against this guy ok… you don’t all get shocked who the debtor is . Today we are going to pay a visit to his office. “

“And we’ll ask him for the payment. It’s not a big amount but it’s a matter of principle. And this guy, I think you all will know who he is.”

SDCS had already caused a stir when they showed up to Jewel Changi in April 2021 to ask for Naiise’s refund.

Walking towards Lim’s office, Judge Boy said, “We have all the black and white documents with us.”

“The amount is about four thousand dollars more.”

“This person everyone will definitely know.”

“You will all be shocked.”

The confrontation

About 7 minutes and 40 seconds into the live video, the debt collectors showed up at Lim’s office.

Lim greeted the debt collectors at the door.

He said in a thunderous voice, “Very good afternoon to you.

The conversation quickly turned sour when he was told to pay the money owed on the spot and a court order was issued against him.

Lim seemed to have been taken aback by the team’s visit.

Lim then waved to the debt collectors and the two parties started talking to each other.

But we could see Lim walk away from the group, after repeating that he wouldn’t pay and that he would sort it out with the other party.

Debt Collector Refutes Lim

This led to one of the debt collectors confronting Lim.

Lim retorted, “I don’t want to entertain you.”

The debt collector replied, “You provide a service to the public, we also provide a service to the public. What is the difference ? “

Lim was no longer seen in the video after this point.

Another man, who is said to be an employee of the law firm, has resumed negotiations.

Entrance office

Afterwards, debt collectors were invited to enter the office as the group’s presence was evident as they stood in the hallway.

In the office, debt collectors showed the court order document on camera.

Judge Boy then remarked about this case: “Everything is documented, we have black and white. Imagine lah, just a judgment order against you when you are working in court. It’s very funny.”

Judge Boy also said his team visited two other addresses where Lim is believed to have resided, but these were rental locations.

The debt collector claimed Lim moved out before he could reach him.

Judge Boy also seemed unfazed that the law firm employee could file a police report.

He said: “I don’t know what they’re doing, maybe they want to call the police, but it’s okay, we’re legal, we’re not doing anything wrong.”

Check issued

At the end of the video, about 10 minutes later, a check was drawn and turned over to the debt collectors.

When debt collectors explained how they would return to the office if the cash check was bounced, the law clerk interrupted them and said, “It will never bounce back.”

Here’s a breakdown of the video’s highlights.

3 minutes 50 seconds

Judge Boy continues to show the video, explaining that his client owes approximately S $ 4,905.

Debt collectors go to Lim’s office.

6 minutes 12 seconds

Debt Collector: “So basically this case, our client hired the service of this company to put pictures on. Straits Times and he did not pay the money, then we will collect. “

“We have a court order against him, now we’re going to demand payment.”

7 minutes 40 seconds

Debt collectors arrive at the office.

Debt Collector: “We’re looking for Mr. Lim.”

Lim Tean: “Have a good afternoon to you.”

Debt collector: “This is the court order against you, you have to pay the money. “

“Four nine zero five point one two.”

Lim Tean: “No, I can’t (unintelligible)”

“Yes, I know about it. I know, I know.”

“You leave it to me, I’ll fix it.” “

“I don’t like you and your tone of voice here.”

Debt collector: “Don’t touch any of our property.”

Lim Tean: “I would like you to go.”

Debt collector: “Do you want me to call the police?

Debt Collector: “You speak for the people, now we also speak for our people.”

“I will settle directly with the company.”

Lawyer employee tried to silence debt collectors

9 minutes 50 seconds

The law firm employee stepped on a debt collector’s shoe.

10 minutes 30 seconds

Lim Tean: “I don’t want to entertain you.”

Debt collector: “You are doing a service to the public, we are also doing a service to the public. What is the difference ?

11 minutes 00 seconds


11 minutes 20 seconds

Debt collector: “You all know who he is, I won’t tell.”

11 minutes 55 seconds

The debt collectors take up their duties.

13 minutes 00 seconds

Debt collector: “We went to his two addresses provided by our client. He only rents there for three months, he rents he goes out.

“Everything is documented, we have black and white. Imagine lah, just a judgment order against you when you are working in court. It’s very funny.”

“I don’t know what they’re doing, maybe they want to call the police, but it’s okay, we’re legal, we’re not doing anything wrong.”

14 minutes 23 seconds

Debt Collector: “We want a dated check, we don’t want a cash check, boss.”

Debt collectors demanded that money owed be paid directly to them and said they would issue a receipt on the spot.

16 minutes 27 seconds

Debt Collector: “I don’t know why he’s so triggered for what. You owe money, you’re always so triggered, very funny, you know.”

17 minutes 58 seconds

Debt Collector: “As you can all see, how he reacts to us. We came here, we didn’t scream but he just went off.”

Debt collectors then raised the possibility that the check was bounced.

Law firm employee: “It will never bounce back.”


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