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Cowboy Bebop’s Faye Valentine is an iconic anime femme fatale who has been stealing fans’ hearts since 1998. Originally a gamer and con artist, Faye was initially a member of the Bebop only after having had a few run-ins with bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black and realized that she was working well with them as a team … sort of. While Faye doesn’t always get along with her male comrades (especially when it comes to money), she nonetheless earns her place alongside them as a valued member of the Bebop.

With Netflix’s live adaptation of Cowboy Bebop In a few weeks with actress Daniella Pineda ready to bring Faye to life onscreen, now is a great time for fans to get acquainted with her original anime incarnation. Luckily for new and old fans, Netflix is ​​now streaming all 26 episodes of the anime ahead of the live-action series. With that, fans should definitely watch these five episodes to get to know Faye Valentine as a character!

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‘Honky Tonk Women’ presents Faye

Faye is featured in the third episode of the animated series, “Honky Tonk Women”. In just seconds, viewers clearly understand who she is the moment she walks into a herbal medicine store and is harassed by shady men in black. In fact, her whole character easily comes down to one line she says in the opening sequence of the English dubbed version, “Do you know the first rule of combat? Shoot them before they shoot you.” ” Indeed, this is how Faye plays her cards throughout the episode of her intro.

Originally in debt to a casino owner and crime boss named Gordon, Faye is blackmailed into working at his casino as Poker Alice as part of facilitating an illegal transaction for him. It is in this casino that Faye meets Spike and Jet, both totally oblivious to the illegal activities taking place within its walls. Spike unwittingly sabotages Gordon’s game plan after he is mistaken for another man who is supposed to hand over a chip containing illegal data to Faye. This causes trouble for everyone involved with Gordon by ultimately putting a bounty on Faye, which Spike and Jet are eager to collect.

After Spike and Jet realize that they are being played by Gordon, Faye offers to help them in exchange for collecting her own bounty. They manage to stop Gordon, but Spike and Jet are left with no money and Faye flies off to unknown parties. She no longer meets Spike and Jet until episode 4, “Gateway Shuffle”, where she also officially joins the Bebop.

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‘Jupiter Jazz Parts 1 & 2’ explores Faye’s feelings about relationships

After working with Spike and Jet for a while, Faye begins to feel like his presence is not really appreciated by her comrades and decides to leave them. She even leaves them a note stating that after taking all the money left in their safe. Upon arriving on Callisto, Faye meets a non-binary saxophonist named Gren at a bar with whom she also befriends.

At Gren’s apartment, Faye reveals her reason for leaving Spike and Jet as feeling alone in their company. She therefore felt that it was better to be alone than in a crowd since the latter was worse for her than the first. Gren believes the real reason she left was that she actually feared abandonment and decided it would be less painful for her to abandon her comrades first.

Faye more or less confirms Gren’s suspicions when she later asks Jet why he came back for her. At first, Jet seems to validate the reason for her departure when he states that he only wants to get back the money she took. After confirming that there wasn’t much money left in the safe, the fact that Jet didn’t just ditch her at that point seems to confirm to Faye that she is appreciated by Jet and maybe by Spike on some level. That was enough to persuade her to stay with them.

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‘My Funny Valentine’ gives Faye an origin story

Faye’s past is first explored in Episode 15, “My Funny Valentine”. Mainly represented as a flashback, we first learn that Faye is much older than she looks because she was cryonically cryonized for 54 years following an accident that seriously affected her. hurt. She is successfully resuscitated by a doctor and her nurse, although she cannot remember anything of herself, including her real name. This leaves her at the mercy of the people who revived her and a lawyer named Whitney Haggis Matsumoto.

The Faye that appears in the flashback is very different from the one in the present. Recently resurrected Faye is more confident and receptive to love from others, especially Whitney. When her trust is betrayed and learns that she has been ripped off by the very people who were supposed to help her, it sets the stage for the person Faye becomes in the present. Struggling with both her own debt from her cryogenic conservation and Whitney’s, this experience set Faye on the path of play and swindle to survive.

When Faye is briefly reunited with Whitney, the doctor and nurse who resuscitated her, she gets her revenge on them when she sabotages their latest scam. The doctor and nurse end their lives to escape arrest, and Whitney ends up in jail. Following this, she tries again to reassure Spike that she is appreciated by him.

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“Talking Like a Child” reveals Faye’s past

Episode 18 of the anime, “Speak Like A Child,” follows “My Funny Valentine” in that it further fleshed out Faye’s past. In the episode, Faye receives a mysterious Beta tape that she is afraid to open, fearing it may come from a debt collector. Once Spike and Jet find out what the tape is, they become curious about its contents, sending them on a quest to find a beta drive. Unfortunately they end up with a VHS player, but luckily for them a beta player is shipped to them and can watch the tape.

Although Faye doesn’t watch the tape with Spike and Jet, she still watches it from the hallway of the Bebop. She learns that she made the tape herself when she was a child, which – at the time – wanted to send a message to herself as an adult. Once again, young Faye is portrayed as happy and outgoing, which is different from herself as an adult. Although Faye doesn’t remember making the tape, it makes her happy to know something about her past, but she’s also saddened by what she lost.

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“Hard Luck Woman” puts all the pieces back in place

To complete what is essentially the Faye Valentine trilogy, Episode 24 of the anime, “Hard Luck Woman,” comes full circle in Faye’s story. After studying the Beta gang from her childhood to identify landmarks and other important details of her life on Earth, Faye enlists Ed’s help in piece together her own past. Though not successful at first, after meeting her classmate Sally Yung for the first time in 54 years, Faye’s memory finally returns.

After remembering who she is and where she is from, Faye attempts to return to her own family. Sadly, Faye learns that her family members are long gone and that she is homeless again. Having nowhere to go, Faye returns to the Bebop deciding that Spike and Jet are now her family, and perhaps Ed as well as she has reunited with her father. Since family is important to Faye, when Spike appears to die in Parts 1 and 2 of “The Real Folk Blues”, it bothers her a lot.

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