Aunt sprinkles debt collectors with garden hose, police called to scene


Aunt sprays the coverers with a garden hose

In recent times, the idea of ​​a debt collector has shifted from rowdy lender runners to polite men asking for money on behalf of their clients.

But no matter how courteous they are, a group of debt collectors couldn’t have prepared for an aunt who sprayed them with a water hose while they were at work.


Seeing that the debt collectors were not leaving, she began to spray them with the aim of driving them away.

Debt collectors eventually called the police, who arrived at the scene shortly after.

Aunt goes off with a bang and waters the collectors with a garden hose

On December 17, debt collection firm Ag Adler Oper uploaded a video to Facebook showing the strange encounter.

In the video, the woman was seen returning home after allegedly having an unsatisfactory conversation with debt collectors.


As the debt collectors readied their standing traveler, the aunt pulled out a hose and began spraying water towards the debt collectors.


One of the debt collectors then said in Mandarin, “If you spray, we’ll call the police. Don’t harass us!


The lady was apparently not deterred by the warnings and continued to pulverize the pair. One of the debt collectors then started filming from his point of view and uploaded the short clip to Facebook.


The police arrive on the scene to arbitrate the problem

Although both clips ended prematurely, another post was shared on Facebook with photos of what happened before and after the spray.

In one of the photos, debt collectors were pictured explaining the situation to the lady and another elderly man in the house.


True to the warnings of the debt collector, the police were called to the scene to mediate the situation.


It is believed that the police will not take any further action on this, as illustrated in a notice here.

Debt collectors just do their job

A debt collector would usually only show up on your doorstep if you’ve seriously missed your timing for a payment.

No matter how scary this proposition may seem, debt collectors, at the end of the day, are just doing their job.

Needless to say, they don’t deserve to be treated in a hostile manner, let alone sprayed with water.

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